The Bane of teachers this stuff makes teachers want you to be placed in school suspension with just one chew it also apparently it makes it so that it sends signals to nearby teachers to know when your chewing gum.
Student 1: Hey yo got the good stuff?
Student 2: Yeah The watermelon gum tight?
Student 1: Oh yeah this is some good stuff, Whats the price?
Student 2:0.95 per stick dawg.
by 6th Grader Teacher September 29, 2020
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A person who wears formal clothing to school/college for no reason.
“why are u wearing oxfords and a blazer to school you absolute gum”
by sirstreet June 15, 2018
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a ugly man who cant score, but touches women without their permission (he usually with large gums)
here comes gums, watch your woman
by Beefdogg March 29, 2006
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clothes, outfits.
Man you need to move out your mums and get you some nu gums
by qleyo July 22, 2003
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Over the course of the past few years, people have come to consolidate words in accordance to the green movement, and stricter school rules prohibiting homophobic language. So the words "gay" and "bum" have been combined into the ultimate beat down - "gum".
(inside the school hallway)
Kid: Look at that kid wearing the rainbow shoes, what a "gum"!
(teachers pass by)
Teacher: Yes those shoes do look like a niece piece of gum.
by jewcyfruit March 31, 2009
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The leading cause for the downfall of western civilization. When chewing gum, people often cant tell your emotions.
See the movie 'Man of the House' for a better example.
by kwijbo May 06, 2005
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