Wrigley is usually a dogs name. They are one of the best dogs. Wrigley are usually loving, happy, and bull headed. Wrigleys usually like a lot of treats and love. Wrigleys usually love to go on long walks and hang out at the dog park. If you find a dog Wrigley, you better treat them with love and kindness because they have such short little lives.
Wrigley is the best dog ever.
by Kma7448 January 16, 2018
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wrigley singular wrigleys plural, noun: Terminology that refers to a particularly young attractive female in attendence at Major League Baseball's National League Chicago Cubs franchise stadium (Wrigley Field), Chicago, watching a baseball game, by long-time denizens of the bleacher section of the indicated stadium.
Chuck...did you see that cute group of wrigleys sitting over in right field?
by RandallORD June 7, 2006
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A sexy beast who is awesome at every sport and has good friends.
John: That guy is like Wrigley

Rick: Yeah definitely Wrigley alright
by TheMainJohnson April 6, 2013
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The process of 'getting some' while posting on various Internet sports forums, particularly ones moderated by a certain Wrigley
Sixerlover: Yo, man, I totally got The Wrigley last night. It was awesome.

Buckwheat: Yeah, same here, man. I got it FOUR times. FOUR TIMES!!
by A. Butler February 2, 2008
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When someone is licking your asshole with gum in their mouth, and the gum slips out and gets caught in your ass hair. The person then rips or chews the gum out.
"My girlfriend was giving me a rim job but she was chewing gum. It slipped out of her mouth and then I told her to tear it out"

"She gave you a Wrigley rimjob!"
by FAGET FAGETSON January 15, 2014
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The home of the Chicago Cubs, a.k.a. the greatest team to ever dawn a baseball uniform. It is Heaven II, located on the corners of Addison, Clark, Sheffiled and Waveland Avenues in Chicago, Illinois.
1. Hey, did you see the Cubs win the World Series?
2. Where at?
1. Wrigley Field.
2. Really? The same park that the Cubs swept the White Sox in?
1. That'd be the place!

Go Cubbies, World Series Champs '04!!!!
by Chaw Work McGrewster September 27, 2004
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