The leading cause for the downfall of western civilization. When chewing gum, people often cant tell your emotions.
See the movie 'Man of the House' for a better example.
by kwijbo May 06, 2005
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To give oral sex. Another term for a blowjob, head, dometop, etc. The penis rubbing inbetween the gums and cheek while In the mouth.
Dude 1: Dude that girl gives really good gum
Dude 2: like orbit or 5 gum?
Dude 1: Nah I mean she gives good head
by UrbanWordsForYou January 10, 2016
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Gumby sperm...its cloudy pink...and its chewy.
Oh snap Prickle...I didnt mean to gum all in your hair.
by Walter! November 03, 2004
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V. to whip out your nut sack and hold it in your hand. Also known as ALien brains or grandpa's tounge. Whoever looks when you wip it out is a nub.
Mike:Dude greg check this bruise out...
( whips out nutsack )
GReg:ahhhhh...... u pwnt me!
by [TeH]-Neo October 26, 2004
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1. (n) another term for pain pills that come in a variety of flavors:
Citrus for Codeine; Cherry or Cinnamon for Codone/codeine; Happy Cinnamon for HydroCodone ; Wildberry for a set of two (2) of Vicodine; Orange County, Orange Cotton Candy, or Cotton Candy for Oxycontin; Apple for Acetaminophen; Pineapple or Peach for Percocet; and Melon-Pear or Melon for Morphine

2. (v) to get into a mortal jam by overdosing off of pills, especially pain pills containing acetaminophen. With Acetaminophen, less than 4,000 mg or 4 grams should be taken per day or you'll eventually die of liver failure.
1. Ricky and Jane liked gum so much that the other 7-year-olds wanted Cherry for naptimes.

Got any Peach or Melon gum for the my Aunt Tessy's boring ass 80th birthday party?

2. Phil got gummed last night because the tard chewed sticks of 10 Apple gum in one mouthfull last night. Sasha said I get his Xbox.
by wookiecookies24 November 21, 2009
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Gum- a condom, rubbers.
Hey man, don’t forget the gum you can’t afford to get another girl pregnant.
by Hawkadam March 15, 2018
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Hey can I have some gum to chew? I'll give you a dollar.
by IndyJones February 13, 2019
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