One of the worst feelings in the world. It could eat you alive. It could destroy you. Sometimes the only way to get over it is forgetting. But we never forget.
Get me out of this guilt.
by qazdfg April 10, 2011
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A useless yet very common emotion that plagues people and can make them go crazy. Guilt is so useless because after you have done the deed there is no changing it. Therefore there is no reason to fel bad it is counter productive and pointless. You catching my drift?
Person 1- Shit i just killed a raccoon with my car. The guilt is killing me! i can't sleep, eat, Bath! omg my hair is falling out!

Person 2- Why so guilty it was an accident suck it up. It's already dead it's corps is rotting and its spirit is in vermine heavan. suck it up.

Person 1- Fuck you.
by sportsforme June 25, 2010
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A useless emotion that makes you feel terrible about your actions until common sense regains control.


What women are skilled at using to get you to do their will
Guy - "I can't believe I just did that!!!!"

(Guy after a few minutes/hours) - "It actually wasn't that bad. I shouldn't feel guilt about doing what I want."
by Cmmnsense May 20, 2011
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You'll live with it all your life
"Guilt is my roommate"
by FitnessGram October 21, 2021
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An unfortunate side affect that results from being overly exposed to morality.
"I become overcome with guilt when i think about how poorly thought out my definition's examples are."
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
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This is one of the worst feelings in the world and it arises for no reason whatsoever. It can be described as a powerful feeling of regret and anxiety all in one. The guilts often occur the night after excessive drinking or if you get insulted by stupid people about doing something that seems stupid at the time.
Conor: "Aw boy, got a complete dose of the guilts from last night";

Emmet: "Why, were you drinking much?";

Conor: "Na not even, had a bad dream about stealing money so I could get home and I'm absolutely riddled with them (the guilts)"
by EKBB December 6, 2010
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to feel the secret little man screaming and scraping your inside stomach to let u know you have done wrong and will continue to do so till error that has been done is no more
I set my house on fire i felt guilty for doing so i apologized to Grandmother and felt better
by Rachel Voss November 11, 2008
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