To endure a period of mental, physical, or emotional hardship with no complaining.
I don't care if you're sad, get out there, suck it up and deal with it!
by Albert February 15, 2004
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To prepare one's self to put forth greater effort in overcoming an obstacle (of any type; physical, mental, etc.)
origin - (probably military drill sergeants) preparing for any strenuous physical task invariably requires fully engaging the stomach muscles and the more overweight the person the more it manifests visually as sucking up the stomach.
Suck it up and re-shoulder that pack.
Either Private Gump sucks it up or the platoon'll gimme twenty more pushups.
by h2o666 January 27, 2017
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To cope with something unpleasant without complaining--usually because you have no choice.

Supposed to be pilot slang. If you vomit into your mask, you'd better suck it up. Otherwise, you can inhale it and die.
Bob's car needed a new engine. He couldn't afford an new one, so he had to suck it up.
by Darwinfish March 7, 2004
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Quit whining, suck it up and drive on. Military slang meaning to just deal with it and quit complaining
suck it up private we have 10 more miles to go!
by big johnny July 9, 2002
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when someone needs to stop complaining about the situation or a person, one uses this phrase to tell them to just tolerate it.
Friend A: I don't like my clothes wet. Can I go home and change?

Friend B: Just suck it up, dude! We are already late because of the rain.
by bluuuuuuuuuuu November 26, 2022
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A harsh term friends say to their friends so that they can feel superior and get their fragile friends to do whatever they're told. This is extremely annoying and hurts people deep down inside so it shouldn't be used unless you know it doesnt hurt them.
girl: Hey
Evil: why are you crying?
Girl: My life is falling apart, my boyfriend dumped me, my grades are falling and my parents hate me.
Evil: Stop being emo and suck it up, jeesh, you're depressing me.
Girl: (sniffle) sorry....
by Alexa C February 16, 2008
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This is a alcohol drinking game, which requires two things, a in n out water cup (with the lines around it) and alcohol(preferably goldschlager) So you pour your alcohol in the cup. and amongst your friends you play rock paper scissors to see who has to suck it up. For every line on the cup the losing person takes that much alcohol, and for the big ones then the loser gets fucked. Chase it down with french fries, water, and soda.
That bitch sure is good at suck it up.
by Zhan September 24, 2007
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