A very old French invention, typically with a large wooden frame, and a very sharp slate of metal attached to a rope. The person being executed is then laid down in position, the rope is pulled and they are decapitated.
"Today, at the hanging, we have two contraptions instead. An old-fashioned rope, and our new invention, the guillotine. It is swifter, and cleaner and has no chances of survival."
by Intellectually Inclined Person February 23, 2019
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A sexual position involving two females and one male participant. The two females spread legs and meet vagina-to-vagina (also known as scissoring) and the male inserts his penis into the center; so named the guillotine because his 'head' gets cutoff by the scissors.
I lost my crucial head to a guillotine with two skeezers I took home from the bar last night.
by Joey_330ci July 25, 2010
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Extreme woman muffin top that you need to lift up when you wanna engage in sexual intercourse with a ginormous rhino of a chick. When that muffin top flops back down after insertion, it basically does to your dick what a guillotine used to do to people's heads.
George: "whatsup dude how's your penis?"

Tom: "Not too good man, last night I fucked this bitch while I was really drunk and she definitely was packin the guillotine"
by lil bastard December 14, 2010
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a prank when you are over a friends house, and you call his girlfriend and tell her he wants a blowjob, then hide in the closet. when she is sucking his cock, you jump out of the closet naked and surprise her, causing her to bite down on your friend's dick.
wow that guillotine left a mark on my dick for months
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A submission often seen in no-gi bjj or MMA; also great for self-defence.
The rugby kid leg tackled me with his head down.... I just whipped in a guillotine and choked that jock out.
by RRJHK November 14, 2012
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A beautiful device used to behead tens of thousands of revolutionary scum during the French Revolution and the reign of daddy Maxamilien Robespierre.
Wow, it's so great how our benevolent leader Robespierre is so selflessly cleansing France of the filthy counterrevolutionaries with his guillotine so we can live in the Republic of Virtue!
by tired and angry February 27, 2018
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The act of squatting over one's anus and lowering your scrotum into the open orifice. Your partner then proceeds to clench their anus closed once the testicles are inserted. Thus, simulating the function of the well known, French guillotine. The anus is the "blade" and the semen is the "blood" after said "artificial execution".
"I was feeling a little historical last night, so I made my girlfriend give me the guillotine"
by Butt Funk May 4, 2009
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