A person who advocates immediate, drastic change, often using violence. On far left of political spectrum, opposite of a reactionary.
Why do people not like the concept of revolutions in other countries? The United States was created because of a revolution, and we turned out alright.
by Moses June 16, 2004
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Anything of or relating to Clayton. Clayton IS the revolution. Everybody loves Cal, as he is the coolest.
Everybody at PMS reveres cal~ he is the revolution; the ultimate cool. cooler than cool, if you will..
by shanaenaequonda November 19, 2004
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Something people will call you when you do or say something either extremely stupid, or extremely obvious.
Guy 1: Dude, Did you know that Dolphins are really just gay sharks?
Guy 2: Woah dude, that's revolutionary
by actualtrash42069 January 18, 2018
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In the nude. Most frequently used as code when near other people to whom you do not want to reveal the true nature of your request.
I asked emily for revolutionary photographs.
by sore ft January 17, 2009
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For examples see Minneapolis hip~hop folks. My hero P.O.S or me Present. It's not hard to see why or how! Methods will change to meet the needs of the moment. Subject to change. People who are this type of life force in the culture tend to Enable the process of implementing the dreams & visions for that culture to begin to manifest. Meaning Makers (underground Seattle rappers are some examples) the folks who take the later part of the job, truth tellers are the previous to this group they allow for disruption of the norm by allowing for critical thinking. In St. Paul MN Maria Isa could be an example of Radical Revolutionary too. This group RR are more than artists or activists they work together in a hip~hop culture to change the world. They have a role & the whole rotation is not complete with out the Three working together. Although randomly it all can work too. This is a theory on transforming society & a radical revolutionary role with in. One Love!
"That Radical Revolutionary motivated the people to believe in themselves & refresh reality for the underground hip~hop community! "
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The Revolutionary Left is the furthest point on the left-wing side of the political spectrum. It is generally considered to consist of three main beliefs: socialism, communism, and anarchism. Revolutionary Leftists are opposed to ideas such as capitalism, social classes, and organized religion, and believe that a revolution of the working class is necessary in order to create an egalitarian society with complete statelessness, classlessness, and equality among all people.

Unfortunately, the greedy money-grubbing CEOs and politicians of America, the very few people who actually benefit from capitalism, have slandered the Revolutionary Left with gigantic amounts of propaganda and convinced many members of the working class that Revolutionary Leftists are "evil." Slowly however, the Revolutionary Left is coming back into style, with a recent poll indicating that one third of Americans prefer socialism, communism, or anarchism to capitalism, and another third saying they are unsure.
Don't believe what the rich businessmen and politicians tell you; the Revolutionary Left is the only political ideology based around the needs of the common working class people.
by Anticitizen Two December 10, 2009
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People on the internet who have opinions strong enough to make Castro's beard fall off, but in real life rarely even vote.
Frequently seen on discussion boards, Yahoo Answers, blogs, etc.
Internet Revolutionary: RON PAUL 2012!!!

Normal person: He can't win, don't jizz yourself!

Internet Revolutionary: You'll see, you'll all see! When Ron Paul becomes President for life, you're gonna be sorry!

Fast Forward-> Election Day 2012

Internet Revolutionaries: What good does one vote do? I'm gonna play Call of Duty and eat hot pockets.
by FTBS September 03, 2010
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