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A term referring to the essence or aura of a Guatemalan born person or someone of Guatemalan descent.

First used in the film "THE BIRDCAGE" starring Robin Williams.
"You're afraid of my Guatemalaness, my natural heat"
by Johnny_James October 16, 2007
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Adjective - Of or relating to a person's spicy, hot, and fiery personality.

Dealing with or handling a person with Guatemalaness can prove challenging and downright messy; however, the reward is proportionate to how much they piss you off.
1. That flight attendant could not handle the Guatemalaness of the blond in first class and therefore kicked her ass off the plane after pouring the dirty martini on her head.

2. In the end I couldn't handle her Guatemalaness, but damn it was a good while it lasted.
by bboy80 February 09, 2009
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