the sexiest goddam thing you've ever lain your fucking eyes on
wow, that quetzal is the sexiest goddam thing I've ever lain my fucking eyes on
by A Literal Potato April 7, 2019
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A very short, gorgeous girl; Everyone loves her and think shes the best, because well she is
Quetzal is super pretty, man i wish i was her
by shortdaddyQ June 9, 2018
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1) A monetary unit of Guatemala, equal to 100 Centavos.
2) The National Bird of Guatemala.
3) Word used in a nonsense fashion by MAD Magazine.
Shipping an issue of MAD from New York to Guatemala by ground will cost 2000 Quetzals (think it's easy to drive through Central America?).
by Norman December 6, 2003
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How could you not know what a Quetzal it's a quick pretzel
by JimmyHo9811 August 20, 2011
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the dragons' teacher on the show Dragon Tales
When Emmy needed advice about taking a rhyme bird she named Cutie Pie home, she asked Quetzal, their teacher, and he agreed that it wasn't a good idea. She eventually left Cutie Pie her hair ribbon that Cassie, the peach dragon, made for her until she returned to Dragon Land.
by Karen Stickney November 10, 2006
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Quetzally is a beautiful and talented girl she has a temper but never stays mad she's also god at soccer and is nice
by sally real April 21, 2015
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The Aztec name Quetzalli means precious and /or beautiful. She is kind , nice ,smart, and a good friend. She can get angry but lets it go. You can always count on her to be there . She is very loyal and can tell her anything.

Quetzalli also means precious fether form one of the world's most precious birds the quetzal
" quetzalli do you wanna go to the park later at 2:00?"
by Eli*111213 November 12, 2020
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