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Another form of sayin peace out mi nigga..or bye basically
"Wat chu wanna do lata mi nigga"
"I dont know, ill hit u up lata to see wat we do"
"Aitte 'ta 'to"
by Irene April 21, 2005
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One of the shittiest professions...One that causes much depression, psychosis, anger, jealousy, frustration, and anxiety. It is extremely degrading. They never pay people what they are worth; the workers have to deal with a bunch of crap while getting paid peanuts.
I had to go to therapy after working in retail for a decade.

People treat me like I'm stupid because I work in retail.

I work at a retail job where people don't get raises, but instead there's a shitty "Employee of the Month" reward.

I work in retail; therefore, I cannot afford to pay back my student loans or take nice vacations.
by Irene October 17, 2004
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its amde of metal and its used to pressurize things, they come in mini, medium, and large and also family and clothing bin size
the thing that your mum uses to cook soup is actually a pressure cookers
by Irene September 24, 2003
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boy disguising as a man, loves his girls and his shoes and his hair. and talking dirty
hey that's p-boy innit? check out the shoes
by Irene November 26, 2003
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Is a spansih slang word for aitte homie..is used mainly with mexican gang members..many spanish people use dis..mainly Guates and Mexicans
"wat up homles..wat chu doin"
"nuttin chilland0 holmes"
"wanna go get drunk"
"Orale Holmes"
by Irene March 21, 2005
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Heard in Sean Paul's song "Like Glue"; meaning a homosexual man.
"Still I got to stick to my girls like glue; And I man not play number two."
by Irene August 19, 2004
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not like casual sex, its what 2 people do that really love eachother, not just another fuck...bangin wifey
Jill = Jim's wifey
Jill & Jim fuckin = makin love
Jim & tipdrill fuckin= just another fuck
by Irene April 10, 2004
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