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ninja facts:
- Ninjas can divide by zero
- ninjas dont walk the ground moves for them
- when ninjas do pushups, they dont push themselves up, they push the world down
- when it rains ninjas dont wet wet, the rain gets ninja
- what ever ninjas touch turns to gold
- Ninjas do not sleep, they wait.
- Ninjas tears cure cancer, too bad they never cry
- Ninjas donate alot of blood to the red cross, just not there own..
- Ninjas make onions cry
- Ninjas are allowed to talk about fight club
- Ninjas gave cats nine lives so they could kill them more.
- Bullets dodge ninjas
- Ninjas iron there shirts while wearing them
- Ninjas can predict the songs on there ipod shuffle
- Ninjas put pants on 2 legs at a time
- Ninjas play minesweeper with real mines
- Ninjas taught kool aid man how to break though walls
- Ninjas created the wheel. Twice.
- A ninja once recieved a hollywood star, he made the handprint when the cement was dry.
- Ninjas are circumcised. They perform it themselves.
- In an average living room there are 1,242 objects ninjas could use to kill you, including the room itself.
Ninjas can speak in wingdings.
by Foxtrot~Uniform~Charlie~Kilo February 28, 2006

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A terrible tv show which gives any1 a chance to publicly humiliate themselves in front of the hole country. The fact that most of the country watches it makes me want to break puppies necks and punch young children in the face.
"Hey did you watch Australian idol last nite" says joe
"Wtf is Australian Idol?" says jim
"You no the show with the fat chick and the guy with the afro" says joe
"oh yeah, it made me so mad that i killed puppies and puched babies and young children in the faces" says jim
"yep thats Australian idol" says joe
by foxtrot~uniform~charlie~kilo August 06, 2006

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An ugly idiot....easy way to put down people you hate...
"hey fuker" says jimmy
"hey uglidiot" says intellegent Nick who has a large penis
by Foxtrot~Uniform~Charlie~Kilo October 11, 2005

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Ninjas- pretty much teh coolest in teh world, with their fighting skills and uber fast skills and uber hot babe saving skills.

Pirates- hoo cant love some1 hoo wears an eyepatch, an awsome hat, owns teh coolest parot, may be mising a leg or hand whcih can be replaeced by a hook or peg of course, i mean ther pretty much the best team up with ninjas.

cowboys - gey.
Ninjas, pirates and cowboys:
Ninjas and pirates agree cowboys suck.
by Foxtrot~Uniform~Charlie~Kilo August 04, 2006

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Guatemala is a small country just east of mexico. Has one of the highest crime rates in central America.
Two midgets embark on a journey to Guatemala, what obtictles will they encounter on this epic quest of love, truth and compassion?!
by Foxtrot~Uniform~Charlie~Kilo October 27, 2005

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terrible rappers who get dick loads of money -

2 midgets embark on a journey to Guatemala.

by Foxtrot~Uniform~Charlie~Kilo February 28, 2006

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Something you shout out in public when you see an amazingly good looking chick. This way instead of being arrested for sexual harassment, you will just be considered mentally ill or some crazy spac.
"AIRPORT" says nik
"Wtf?! Airport?!" says uber hot chik
"I Guess hes just a crazy spac" says douchebag

"im a Fag" says dan
by Foxtrot~Uniform~Charlie~Kilo April 25, 2006

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