John: How are you? Nick: First Class
Eg. 2 : Nick: How was your last night with her? John: First Class
by First Class Boy October 23, 2015
a slut. someone with 2 to 3 children who still has a tight hole and has had her tubes tied. gives it up on the first date.
Donald: "My bitch is first class. She got 3 kids and she's been fixed. Her pussy is still tight"

Us: "Your a fucking dumb ass. That's not first class."
by annak April 3, 2008
When you sit in the bulkhead seat in coach and are right behind the first class section.
I got lucky to sit in Hillbilly First Class on my trip home for Thanksgiving.
by creeolina November 24, 2010
A derogatory term for a person (usually male) that acts like a complete asshole most of the time. The king of all wankers who may or may not have a wealthy background.
Kyle: "It's unbelievable, Trevor does not stop complaining about everything all the time!"
Logan: "I know, he really is a First Class Wanker!"
by The Real Mrs B June 6, 2010
When you are flying in the coach section of an airplane and one or both of the other two seats are unoccupied giving you more room, to stretch, lean or lie down.
The middle seat was unoccupied on my recent flight home so I got to sit in Redneck First Class
by fetmeister February 12, 2009