Usually said when one feels annoyed or frusturated
"I totally failed that test! Grumble grumble..."
by mansonfreak August 5, 2009
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A contracted form of the Cockney rhyming slang 'grumble and grunt'. I refers in an unsavoury way to an eligible female.

You may not like it but it's out there as part of our urban linguistic culture.
Certainly in use in the 1960's
"I'm going out on Friday night to pull a bit of grumble".
by ian wilman January 14, 2005
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Pornographic materials such as magazines, internet sites or videos
Anders: Where's Warby?
Merrell: Oh he's upstairs on the computer looking at grumble
by thats a negatory June 10, 2005
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1. extreme or excessive hunger
2. the continuous production of loud grumbling noises eminating from the stomach region, as a result of hunger
Tommy and I had the grumblies so we went to the Caribbean Grill for lunch.
by Jimbo April 10, 2003
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a term to describe the unfortunate situation where one's mother/wife stumbles across one's stash of "art pamphletry"...
to be caught with pornography
i was cleaning your room,david and i found 56 tons of hardcore anal pornography" david:"oh no!..i've been grumbled!
by apex dave January 18, 2011
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Hunched over, kleenex in one hand, cock in the other. Adopting a similar position to a grumbling old man
"Wheres Steve?"
"Oh, hes upstairs having a quick grumble before we go out"
"He's allways fucking grumbling"
by ShavenLunatic October 29, 2003
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Noun: The last uphill before you reach your destination.

Most commonly used by those completing a run, walk, bike ride, or other physical activity.

So named, because it makes you grumble.
"We're almost home! We just have to make it over the grumble and we're there!"

"Oh fuck, I totally forgot this hill was here. I fucking hate the grumble."

"I was doing really well, and then I hit the grumble and I just had to stop and walk it."
by WhenIMetLucy April 11, 2018
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