Hunched- slept with/had sex with
Wow did you hear that Janet hunched with 3 guys this weed
by Giraffe 987 January 15, 2019
Short for “Scooteraphilia” or “Scooteritis” a lifestyle in which one hunches around in a hood with their drawstrings pulled tightly.
I hunched towards my car after I left the shop.
by Scooter69420 May 29, 2018
When one is not worthy of your time. Someone who is not shit.
That guy tried to grab my booty.

Man, that he is so hunched!
by Bigmama October 25, 2016
Sex without penetrating one's partner. Usually the same as groping.
"Ooo, I'm going to tell ma that you two are back here hunching!"
by Mackendeez January 17, 2021
Bending over a Cellphone. Looking at a cellphone or iPad.
Everybody in the airport lobby is hunching. All the kids are hunchin' . Stop hunching and pay attention. Everyone hunching are texting or tweeting.
by Kleiboff March 9, 2014
a term usually use refered to humping or having sex
"ayy you be hunching yo man"
by naty696969 April 29, 2006