The same day over and over. Doing the same things repetitively. From the movie of the same name starring Bill Murray.
My life never changes. Every day is groundhog day. Eat, work, sleep.
by Brett March 6, 2005
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When you are licking your mates asshole and you suck it so hard that a little brown poop pokes its head out
I'll suck your ass if you promise not to go Groundhog day on me!
by Sharon P. April 8, 2005
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Military person being sent to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., again-and-again. A term first-used by military personnel for the war in Bosnia...because many had multiple tours-of-duty. Groundhog Day was a term used by former President Clinton to refer to soldiers returning for a tour-of-duty to the same war-zone they've been to in the past.
Oh #$@&! It's Groundhog Day for me; I have to go back to Iraq for another tour-of-duty. Former Vice President Cheney's war sucks!
by sfdoubleu February 2, 2010
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Annual day of rest and/or leisure for all criminal occupations. Observed February 2nd, celebrations often involve use of cannibis and/or alcohol.
by bobcatbobcat May 19, 2009
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a day in which a ground hog sticks his little little baby head out of a little little itsy hole. if the ground hog sees his shadaw then were all fucked!!! JUST KIDDING! then it means that its still winter instead of spring. it is also the important holiday of the year!!
I LOVE GROUNDHOG DAY!!! its a VERY VERY VERY important holiday!

person 1: Groundhog days this saturday!
person 2: who cares?
person 1: um its only the most important holiday of the year!!!
person 2: No its not its not even important.
person 1: HELLO! what other holiday do you know of where a groundhog comes up from the ground and tells you the season!?!?!?
by DAYUMM crackerjack! January 30, 2008
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A condition in which one is so constipated that the poo is limited to a slight exposure, enough to reveal its shadow, and then retreats back into its hole.
Rats! I had a Groundhog day today! Hopefully tomorrow will be my Spring cleaning!
by Sakekij October 11, 2008
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When you have too much stuff to do, and not enough time to do it.
I'd love to come out clubbing tonight, but I am having a bit of a groundhog day! I ain't got the time!
by Chewiee May 14, 2003
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