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Crackerjack means great which is very very very crackerjack!! crackerjack=great. (which is crackerjack)
person 1:You found a peeeeeeny?!?!?!?!?!
THats SOOO crackerjack1!! crackerjack crackerjack crackerjack!!
person 2: Whats crackerjack?
person1: you dont know what crackerjack means? LOSER!
person 2: thats dumb, your a loser
person 1: your a loser! your a watermelon with lots of seeds! nobody likes seeds!
person 3: AHHHHH!!!!!!!! (screams SUPER loud) She like seeds (points to super weirds girl with cat hat on)

by DAYUMM crackerjack! January 29, 2008

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A cute little itsy bitsy hat worn on the back the head at a jewishnessly jewish party.
OMG!!! your wearing a yamika that is soooo totally crackerjack! breaks out in song

person #1: Jewish jewish jewish

person #2: The rabbi is here, the rabbi is here, the rabbi is here

person #3: yamika yamika yamika

(all at the same time) ...something everyone in my history book is wearing!!!
by DAYUMM crackerjack! January 27, 2008

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a day in which a ground hog sticks his little little baby head out of a little little itsy hole. if the ground hog sees his shadaw then were all fucked!!! JUST KIDDING! then it means that its still winter instead of spring. it is also the important holiday of the year!!
I LOVE GROUNDHOG DAY!!! its a VERY VERY VERY important holiday!

person 1: Groundhog days this saturday!
person 2: who cares?
person 1: um its only the most important holiday of the year!!!
person 2: No its not its not even important.
person 1: HELLO! what other holiday do you know of where a groundhog comes up from the ground and tells you the season!?!?!?
by DAYUMM crackerjack! January 30, 2008

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Angela is basically the best thing on earth, an angela is bigger than the wind, the sun, and everything in between!!!!!!! they are generally obsessed with squirrels, and say meh!! very very very very very very very very often!!!!!! instead of cracker jack they use cocker jock!!!! becuz it is oooo sooooo much better!!!! They do not contain seeds!!!!! because no one likes watermelon seeds!!! (except for ugle fagot retards who wear piccachoo hats that i am totallly obsessed with ( and wear hot cheetah print!)(and carry umbrellas!!!!!!!))))) They are basically perfect-HEY DONT SHUSH ME!! EVER!!!! what are you doin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sex is a sensation
Caused by a temptation
when a guy sticks his location
in a girls destination
is that a good explanation
or do you need a demonstration!!??
by DAYUMM crackerjack! January 30, 2008

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