European country on Balkan peninsula. Not very popular. Bad economy, but still beautiful. Bosnian language have the best swearwords in the whole world.
Bosnia is fun to visit, but not to live at.
by PanicerAF January 10, 2017
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A beautiful, sadly war torn, country that is on the verge of making a comeeback to a more civilized and peaceful nation. Borders the adriatic sea, Croatia, and serbia and Montenegro. The wars were caused by serbs and croats that decided to clean bosnia of all of he muslims(which is the majority of the population).
A very beautiful country with great scenic views.
The Olympics were at one time in Bosnia.
by Albanian November 30, 2004
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bosnia = best country although i havent been there since 2000 still think its great and yeh i havent seen a black man there either... is there a reason for that?
vdfffrrfffffffsewrrrraftg reee er gr er re ae
by Damir April 5, 2004
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a country settled by the serbs in the 7th centurie. during the 15th centurie alot of them were converted to Islam. there are also many different ethnic groups from former Yugoslavia living in Bosnia today.
Ethnic groups:
Serb 37.1%, Muslim 48%, Croat 14.3%, other 0.6%
by CrnaStrela August 29, 2005
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The most beautiful country in the world, no matter what anyone says. Hottest guys AND girls.....
Damn that girl is hot...she must be Bosnian.
by Em's lady April 25, 2004
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a war torn country by yugoslavia with amazing mountains and rivers the summer is hot good for swimming and the winter is cold and snowy good for skiing.
bosnian people arent what most people think.
if you think we are skanky with dead dogs on the street and continuous war
GO TO GORAZDE is in bosnia
look in the atlas there sarajevo the capital of bosnia
by adnanrammsteinuk January 4, 2004
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