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Military person being sent to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., again-and-again. A term first-used by military personnel for the war in Bosnia...because many had multiple tours-of-duty. Groundhog Day was a term used by former President Clinton to refer to soldiers returning for a tour-of-duty to the same war-zone they've been to in the past.
Oh #$@&! It's Groundhog Day for me; I have to go back to Iraq for another tour-of-duty. Former Vice President Cheney's war sucks!
by sfdoubleu February 02, 2010

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Faith-Based Organization -- a company that is losing money -- or is almost bankrupt -- where the employees have to PRAY they'll still have jobs each week.
Bob Crandall works for a FBO -- a faith-based organization. Everyone at that airline has to PRAY they have enough cash for payroll every two weeks!
by SFdoubleu November 27, 2009

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