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To be holding drugs or other illegal substances with the intent to sell them.
by Androck May 31, 2011
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the muscle of the sphincter which holds the contents of the bowels and intestinal tract within the body
Tito got fucked so hard in the ass that he lost his grippins and shit all over himself
by kckevin July 28, 2010
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V. Rolling, eating beans, thizzin, popping e pills.
Yo, babes 2times had dat fire gripper, dem green star, I been grippin all night boi!
by $ Bags November 24, 2006
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An adjective used to describe good things that will last a long time; a good thing that you want to hold on to.
That movie we saw was so grippin'.
by Girlyousogrippin' February 21, 2017
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