28 definitions by rich rick

when two females rub their hotboxes together with their legs in a scrissors-like formation!
> what r u doin'?
> watchin' a movie.
> are those two girls really mashin' cookies!?
by rich rick July 27, 2007
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when describing a female, means one of two things:
1. she's fat: literally popping out of her clothes
2. she's popping out in all the right places (t + a)
"whoa--look at that one over there"
"day-um! that shit is poppin' out all over the place!"
by rich rick September 8, 2009
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noun A person who eats, breathes and lives sports. The sports hound is well-versed in many different sports and can recite plenty of trivia of players, teams, statistics, etc. Plenty of hours are wasted watching sports on the sports packet set of tv channels available from the cable tv provider. He or she is often clad in an official sports jersey of his or her favorite team. This species is most commonly found in the USA.
Kevin made beaucoup tips on pizza deliveries to sports hounds on Sunday.
by rich rick March 25, 2010
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noun The small butt crack showing on girls wearing very tight jeans.
> Whooaa.. look at that one over there!
> Yeahh.. did you see the dimeslot when she bent over?
by rich rick January 3, 2010
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verb To sort out means to resolve some unfinished business or problem with someone or something.
bentley's gonna sort you out!
by rich rick December 30, 2010
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noun A term popularized in the old television series "Happy Days". It's the place where the boys took their girls in their cars to make out. In those days, that's all they did. Nowadays, inspiration point would be littered with condom
wrappers. No longer in popular usage among those 40 and under.
I took that bitch up to inspiration point!
by rich rick March 30, 2010
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