When a man or woman stuffs a hamburger or cheeseburger into a womans vagina for sexual pleasure.
Joe was grimacing Vivian”s box and then ate the burger.
by bkking33 January 12, 2019
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The big purple thing from the old McDonalds commercials. Immortal. Arch-Nemesis of Officer Big Mac.
by Fireconverse November 21, 2004
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the big purple guy from mickey d's. he is actually supposed to represent a tastebud. imagine that!
a costumed guy dressed as the grimace knocked down a small child in the parking lot. hilarity ensued...
by da trick biatch January 17, 2006
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When an extremely fat or large pear shaped person wears too tight clothing. Typically the clothes are purple in color.
by mccoolio January 25, 2006
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i love grimace more then the hamburgerler.
by mr world. March 20, 2007
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1.The facial expression used when a person is in deep thought about something mischeivious.

2. A term for hanging out
Ramin: "What are you guys up too?"
Pollard: "We're gunna meet up and grimace i'll tell you fucking what"
by Kurdumbri February 21, 2011
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ASCII art depicting Grimace which is posted in the Starcraft 2 Beta forums, especially in threads where people are QQing about patch 13.

There are many variants of the Grimace, each will blow your mind significantly.
New thread: "I keep getting dropped from games. Any1 else experiencing this?"

Insert 20 grimace ASCII posts here
by Aoner May 23, 2010
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