the big purple guy from mickey d's. he is actually supposed to represent a tastebud. imagine that!
a costumed guy dressed as the grimace knocked down a small child in the parking lot. hilarity ensued...
by da trick biatch January 17, 2006
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(v.) To frown. Period. Not some McDonald's sex act or some shit.
Alice grimaced when Bob emasculated himself with his pants zipper at their son's school. His cock and balls fell right in the boy's mouth.
by Yopmail User July 1, 2023
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When your co-worker named Nichole comes to work wearing a BIG purple sweatshirt and expects no one to comment on it.
Oh look, Nichole looks like Grimace in that sweatshirt!
by LD1637 October 13, 2011
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1.The facial expression used when a person is in deep thought about something mischeivious.

2. A term for hanging out
Ramin: "What are you guys up too?"
Pollard: "We're gunna meet up and grimace i'll tell you fucking what"
by Kurdumbri February 21, 2011
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ASCII art depicting Grimace which is posted in the Starcraft 2 Beta forums, especially in threads where people are QQing about patch 13.

There are many variants of the Grimace, each will blow your mind significantly.
New thread: "I keep getting dropped from games. Any1 else experiencing this?"

Insert 20 grimace ASCII posts here
by Aoner May 23, 2010
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A fat girl wearing purple since they look like Ronald McDonald's big purple friend Grimace.
Struck out again huh? Well you can always go hit on Grimace over there.
by Joker5997 January 26, 2011
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1. A twisting or distortion of the face, as in expressing pain, contempt, disgust, etc.
2. An annoying red bastard, see also Darrin F.
3. The lovable McDonald's character who loves milkshakes
1. Whipe that grimace off your face
2. Get away from me grimace, you're a fag
3.I saw a guy in a Grimace costume at McDonald's
by Grimace Hunter December 23, 2003
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