44 definitions by da trick biatch

a test-tube baby, or a publicity stunt. no way was she conceived naturally, because her dad, tom cruise is a fag! COME OUT OF THE CLOSET, TOM CRUISE!!!!
suri was made in a test tube.
by da trick biatch April 24, 2006
shit-flavored air. some of the most noxious is fried chicken related!
that fuckin chicken gave me gas from hell! where's the air freshener?
by da trick biatch March 10, 2006
a guy who tries to act strait, but everyone around him knows he is a queer.
timmy tries to act straight, but we all know he and brookshire fucked! he is definately livin' a lie!
by da trick biatch December 29, 2005
when its really cold, and your nipples get super hard, theyre like tic tacs. pretty much self-explanitory!
it's so fuckin' cold i got tic tac titties!
by da trick biatch November 26, 2005
when a slutty woman has a baby and has no idea who its father is.often seen on the maury povich show, MAURY.so many men have jizzed in her, the result is a soup baby.
omg! did you see that slut and her soup baby on MAURY today? she tested 13 men, and none of them were the father!
by da trick biatch February 10, 2006
John Travolta's character in Pulp Fiction. he's a kick ass hit man/druggie. gotta love him!
i can't believe Vincent Vega was not in here already. he is cool personified!
by da trick biatch May 12, 2006
those unpleasant, sometimes painful spots sunglasses cause on either side of your nose. they ruin your makeup, and look crazy.
damn! my glasses got tweaked and gave me huge zizebots!
by da trick biatch December 22, 2005