44 definitions by da trick biatch

a canadian on the wall who continues to spout retarded propaganda even though he's been told numerous times that no one cares. refuses to go to a political board, where he would be torn to shreds.if you encounter him, do not respond to his taunts! you'll only be feeding the troll!!!!!
omg! its the Canadian Statistic Propaganda Machine back on the wall again! has he no life? LETS ALL IGNORE HIM!!!!
by da trick biatch February 08, 2006
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often described as a snotty bitch. comes up with clever put downs and is very sarcastic.
i am da trick biatch.
by da trick biatch December 22, 2005
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when a man is so fat, his belly hangs down further than his dick does.
look at that man. he has dick-do disease! his gut hangs down further than his dick does!
by da trick biatch May 10, 2006
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shit-flavored air. one of the most noxious is the fried chicken fart.
after we ate mrs winners fried chicken, the whole car was fart tainted!
by da trick biatch November 29, 2005
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canadian people (like on south park, they have flip top heads)
i was arguing with a bunch of flippers on the wall.
by da trick biatch December 21, 2005
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a canadian person, like on south park, with a flip-top head.
i hate that stupid flipper on the wall. he is a bitch.
by da trick biatch January 09, 2006
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