"i like the way Bob's hang fruit looks when he's cleaning the bathtub"
by Air-eye February 8, 2006
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Targets or goals which are easily achievable and which do not require a lot of effort.
We're a small company with few assets, so to succeed in the short term, we need to go after the low-hanging fruit.
by amsk January 5, 2005
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– noun

1. Anything that is difficult to achieve, and may be put off while simpler alternatives are still available.
2. Matters that take more effort and require more time and are usually most rewarding on a macro level.
3. A person whose association or cooperation with another is of vital importance; supporter.

- slang
Acclaim and Support. “Babe, you’re so magnetic! Very High Hanging Fruit!”.

- antonyms

Low-hanging fruit: quick, easy matters that require little time and usually have a short-term “feel good” effect but yield little in the way of long-term benefit; focussing on granularity.
High Hanging Fruit in foreign policy circles:
A representative responsible for the protection of the interests and nationals of a foreign state, and the promotion of information and friendly relations with a third party. Foreign ministers, excellencies, ambassadors and diplomats.
by Corey Allegory August 10, 2010
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This is a comical term for a gay who hangs around with the homeless.
Bruce is a low hanging fruit in the alley!
by I, Wreckerrr October 21, 2020
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Easiest tasks of the day in your dull, mindless office job
'You know... I'm gonna need you to go ahead and take care of the low hanging fruit first...'
by Ray Babycakes July 20, 2006
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A term used to describe an easy sexual conquest, requiring little effort or commitment.
Joanna had a long list of suitors, most of them low hanging fruits.
by azib958 July 1, 2007
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The most annoying ass phrase in the corporate world. It is an extremely overused and worn-out cliché that basically means a task that is easy to perform and complete. If you use this phrase, please stop. You are the reason people go postal.
Boss: Let's go after the low hanging fruit first.

Employee: *shoots self in a cubicle.*
by 0000101100101000010101011 April 6, 2021
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