A grifter is a disgusting human, waste of oxygen, that comes out of the "woodworks" right before someone is dieing, kisses ass, does whatever it takes to ensure he/she gets that inharitance. Makes themselves look good, nice, when infact they're sitting back with a sinical laugh knowing the evil work they're doing. Most commonly is a family member that before has never wanted anything to do with the person they're kissing ass to gain from. Watch out for anyone who cares for your loved ones as well. They're sneaker piece of shit grifters.
That family member is a grifter .

She's just waiting for him to die so she can get his estate.
by warmachine78 April 17, 2016
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A word that breadtube leftists use to describe people they don’t like.
Vaush: Wow, Charlie Kirk is such a grifter, right, chat? Chat? He is, right? Can someone check that? He is? Ok yeah he is.
by Street Louis September 9, 2021
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Many people in San Francisco are grifters.

definition and example are from the book The Mission by Jason Myers.
by anonymouskt December 26, 2009
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A GRIFTER is where people beg for money off blind people
TheDeppeffect is a GRIFTER .
by Mellstellssells July 22, 2023
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A motherfucker living the way they want to, an outsider who isn't swayed by societal norms and has little or no regard for rules and laws

A modern day The Outsiders

The new Greasers

Code of the Grifter:
1. Grift or be grifted
2. Never grift a grifter
3.Grift or die trying
4. Grift now, ask questions later
Grift on motherfuckers!

Watch out for that guy, he's a total grifter.
by grifter101 January 6, 2019
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A grifter is someone random, or perhaps a distant acquaintance, who out of no where offers you something overly generous
Who are these grifters who offered you to live in their home and rent for free?
by DarleneOliviaPope November 2, 2017
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