3 definitions by Kate Is The People’s Duchess

Another word for a woman who lies about her age and if she is pregnant just so a rich dumb person can marry them.
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A group of people who dislike Meghan Markle and want her out of the British Royal Family. They dislike her because she is dishonest, a media whore, spends too much taxpayer money on clothes, does not respect the Queen and royal traditions, is a narcissist, and spreads lies and gossip about the Duchess of Cambridge. They also believe that Meghan Markle encourages racist behavior among her fans and spreads racist comments about her haters online.
Did you see the ugly, overpriced dress she wore to a charity? Time for a megxit.
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Another term for Meghan Markle when you just don’t want to say her name.
That maggot is so annoying.
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