It is a very manly woman, who is very physically strong, stocky build or overweight, usually has excessive facial and body hair and is sometimes mistaken for a man.
The masculine appearance of a Russian female shotput champion means she can be described as a grifter.
by KB April 15, 2005
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A nickname given to a famous former football coach. He’s been known to arrive at well known universities and pro teams with hopes of championships. They soon find out the dysfunction and baggage associated with him isn’t worth it. With all that he seems to find gigs that pay great money. Hence Urban is a Grifter
Hey remember when Urban Grifter was with that team down south? He should have returned home with the team! Instead he saddled wifey with the grandkids and went to the bar to find him some young strange
by King Yamayama January 11, 2023
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As his ingenious lifelong taxfuckery tale unfolds, we are finally seeing the Grifter in Chief as he truly is.
by Dr Bunnygirl May 13, 2019
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A confidence artist that is usually perceived as knowledgeable about any range of subjects merely for earning or adopting the Title of "Doctor", when in reality, they are speaking well outside of their scope of expertise. Most commonly found in; The Entertainment Industry, Politics, New Age Medicine, Chiropractic, and Publishing. Examples include: Dr. Rand Paul, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Doctor Phil, Dr. Drew Pinski.
Dr. Drew, the medical grifter, got censured by the medical board again, he was giving bad advice on television, and may lose his license.
by bentslightly December 26, 2022
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A full of shit political hack that gets rich from books and political cable shows while conning the news media and American public into thinking they are a legitimate political figure.
Sara Palin is a political grifter that has conned everyone in this country into thinking she is a real political figure so she can make money from them.
by left is right right is wrong December 4, 2009
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One who has no desire to rise above the rank of con artist in life. A frequent condition in low income areas mainly due to peer pressure.
My platinum blonde girlfriend is a Happy Grifter fo shizzle my fellow black emporer.
by Who shot JR? August 18, 2005
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One who drifts from one false hipster romance to another amongst a small group of said hipsters.
Oh great, a new one for the hipster grifter.
by the coventry kids November 12, 2009
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