1) The act of greeting someone, whether present or not, while one is asleep.
2) The act of sexual advances or inappropriate behavior toward another while one is asleep.
I couldn't sleep last night because my roommate slept walked to my bedroom and began greeping me.
by Cracker_Barrelite May 10, 2010
The flow of blood that exits a man's anus (similar to a menstrual flow). It only occurs once in his life time, and it is the defining moment of his manhood. The flow lasts for 2-3 weeks and the suffering transforms a boy to a man.

When compared to a females period, greep is scientifically proven to be worse. Dr.Schlitterbauhn, part time disney world OB GYN, commented, "on a scale of numb hand to two stubbed toes, greep is around the pain level of whale birth".
"Dude, you are such a child."
"Naw, man. I greeped last week. Im a full man now."
"Damn straight you are"

"I accidentally licked my greepage."

"Kill yourself now."
by Disneyworldobgyn November 21, 2013
A horrible person who is geeky and creepy and, most of all, shit to their friends.
Girl1: Did you see what she just did!
Girl2: Wow, what a greep...
by BeckyK October 14, 2012
Noun - A Geeky Creep. A creep whose modus operandi is super geeky (such as the internet).
verb - the act of creeping out in a geeky manner. used in the smae maner as the verb "to creep out"
He was a typical greep. All he ever did was surf the net and create false identities in the hope of finding a hot date. And when he did find someone, he would greep out his victims by spamming their inbox.
by chitsb August 6, 2007
a person who is a member of a glee club and tends to be creepy
Wow, that girl in the back of that picture is a greep.

Dang he can sing, but he is still a greep.
by IlOvEgLeEcLuB December 1, 2009
1.To sneak, creep or move in a covert manner.
2.To use a long pole with a hook on the end to grab an object or person.
I hope if I can greep out of work early today without anyone noticing.

I'm going to greep the next person to walk through this door.
by Mike March 15, 2005
Something that is innovative, original, with a positive connotation.
Great; original; amazing
That is a greep idea!
I have a greep problem for you!
by KOT18 March 24, 2017