Fighting technique used for many centuries consisting of multiple slaps to the top of the head of your opponent, you are not allowed to hit anywhere else but the top of the head.
Myles and Kaden decided to settle their dispute with a match of Bongo.
by BongoMaster4 July 4, 2020
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The confirmation of any said act, failure to complete act will result in a punch in any location. Can't bongo bitches; can't beat girls.
"I'm gonna eat a kilogram of icing!"
"Well fuck"
(He must do said event to avoid punch)
by Bongoshop November 15, 2013
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A person or animal that has deep rooted phsycological or mental illness. The person usually has unconventional ways of doing every-day activities such as licking clean a window. A Bongo is often associated with the noise made by chubacca in the 'star wars' film franchise.
Go lick clean a window Bongo (this will be followed by an imitation of chubacca)
by Rollisimo August 26, 2008
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A bongo is when you shove your hand so deep inside of someone’s butt that you reach a vital organ, twist it out of it’s socket, and pull it out with your bare hand. This was usually done by native Americans as a public execution.
Native American chief: Death or Bongo?
Victim: Death!
Native American chief: death... by BONGO!
Victim: I’m totally screwed.
Native American chief: *commits bongo*
Victim: *dies*
by LittleTimmyTTV42069 October 19, 2019
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Stacie: Damn did you see Marya the other day

Nishane: Yea i know she has no ass
Stacie: Yeah she got the Bongo
by Holla@YaBOI October 8, 2010
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Drunk, wasted, pissed, under the influence of any intoxicating substance (alcohol, narcotic).
Jesus, did you see Pieman on Saturday night?! He was completely bongoed!
by Zo0 August 21, 2006
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