Short for Oh Brother.

Usually said in conversation when wanting to express emotions of exasperation.
Liz Lemon (30 Rock): (Rolls eyes) "Ohh brother"

Weirdo: "OMG don't you dare put that on fb.. I look soooo fat! Delete it now! DELETE IT!"

Denise/Justine/Trish: "OB!"
by Take that Jack November 1, 2009
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Out Of Boundary, from a different place than you are
Them OB's from Carver Ranches always coming to Hallandale starting shit but when its time to fight they call the police.
by 90's February 16, 2006
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A community on the beach within San Diego city limits, zip code 92107, known as Ocean Beach which embraces its reputation as an enclave of counterculture, free thinking, pseudo-anarchists, hippies and artists. It has long had a logo bumper sticker seen in windows of cars with the letters "OB" with a seagull in flight underneath. Today it is home to hippies young and old, surfers, bikers, a plethora of misfits and others. Many proudly call themselves "Obecians". (see entry) Its Chili cook-off and street fair the last week of June is among the largest of outdoor street festivals on the West Coast, and funds the fourth of July fireworks festival which attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers on that holiday.
Seen on bumper sticker on old VW Bus: "US out of OB!"
by John1962 March 5, 2007
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Onion Booty. Used to describe a phat-ass bitch with a phat ass.

Yo Greg, 10 o'clock your time. Check out OB on that one son ... Daaamn!
by James Werdsbond October 24, 2008
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to faint when hearing the result of an election
I was so happy on the 4th, I almost OBed
by Tatal35 November 9, 2008
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