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Short for Oh Brother.

Usually said in conversation when wanting to express emotions of exasperation.
Liz Lemon (30 Rock): (Rolls eyes) "Ohh brother"

Weirdo: "OMG don't you dare put that on fb.. I look soooo fat! Delete it now! DELETE IT!"

Denise/Justine/Trish: "OB!"
by Take that Jack October 31, 2009
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Short for 'obvious' or 'obviously'. Part of BITSGian lingo.
Indu: Abe ye raat ko 12 baje hostel mein kaun dhol ka chutiyapa pel raha hai?
Mundu: Ek hi aadmi ho sakta hai...
Indu: Bauji?
Mundu: Ob.
Indu: Chutiya saala!

Mundu: Abe av pe B lag sakta hai kya?
Indu: Ob no dude!
by CheesePalti October 21, 2015
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Someone that is obese, also like obea
Louis is obea because he ate the pantry
by Louie September 28, 2003
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Out Of Boundary, from a different place than you are
Them OB's from Carver Ranches always coming to Hallandale starting shit but when its time to fight they call the police.
by 90's February 15, 2006
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