A group of homosexuals gathered in the form of a pile or pyramid while finger popping each others buttholes.
Jose, Ken, Jerry, William, and Darrell maner everyday for pleasure.
by the true definition April 8, 2015
(Verb) The act of saying you will do one thing, however at the last minute, changing your mind and doing something completely different; screwing over your friends for the benefit of yourself or others that you deem more worthy.
"Tommie and Brian were supposed to come out with us tonight, but they totally pulled a maner and went to the concert instead."
by kellytripuka April 3, 2007
1)1. A bitch. Ill-tempered, nasty, always spoiling for a fight, looking for a way to run someone else down, or taking something the wrong way. May be either gender.

2)bitch on roller skates

3)Seeking to be the center of attention at all times even when not appropriate

4)Exploding with with a random illogical rage at a specific person at all times

5)Oblivious to what people think about him or her at any given time

6)Thinking everyone wants or is into him or her
Wow, why are you being so maner?

Oh no.... she's having another maner!

You are acting like a total maner right now.

Hateful maner

Dumb maner

Fat maner
by maner creater June 22, 2010
Mansur maner is a name of boy having honest behaviour , cleaver mindset , good leadership and many more quality in it
by All universe corporation November 25, 2021
Maners park is the most dangerous hood in Broward county known as 519 no body will inter maners until they get checked
Do not step a foot on maners park aless you get checked
by November 25, 2021
10/10 on somothing
"Yo that blowjob u just gave me was maners"
by Dr curry December 9, 2017