What some of my friends and I call our 'private parts'
My panties are all bunched up in my business today.
by Flutter October 15, 2006
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If that kid keeps talkin bout me ima give him tha business

by SpYdA [GFM] June 25, 2004
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Those shoes are not the Business.
Im not going to that bar it's Not the Business!
Yeah thats the business!
by Tandizzle January 10, 2008
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Criminal activity carried out by a mafia.
"You don't want to be involved in Business. It can be very-
detrimental, to your health."
by Khademi December 16, 2005
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noun: A class in highschool in which one sits in front of a computer all day, being taught to act like the lovable characters in Dilbert.
by Stuck in Business November 16, 2004
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Noun. Group name for any number of Raccoons above 3.
Me - “Hey look at that meeting of Raccoons, there was only two before”
Friend - “that’s more than a meeting mate, that’s a Business of TrashPandas Now”

Me - “Huh?”
Friend - “any more than three makes a business, and they’re making big plans by the look of ‘em”
by TheHornyFarmer March 6, 2019
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What college students study when they want a college degree but don't want a college education.
Jill: "Hey Tom, what's your major?"

Tom: "Business!"

Jill: "Why the hell are you majoring in business?!"

Tom: "Because I want to graduate having no unique skills, no well-rounded education, and no working liver!"
by Non educatus sum February 12, 2010
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