1. noun: THE word.
2. A musical that was made into a 1979 movie with John Travolta.
"Grease Lightenin', go Greased Lightenin'!"
by DC February 28, 2005
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1. To bump someone off.

2. A slimey substance worn in the hair of Pachucos.

3. The binding element of a Duck Ass haircut.
1. Vinnie the Wop didn't pay my bag man. Go grease him.

2. Oooh, look at that Pachuco! His hair has so much grease in it! I think I'm falling in love!

3. Elvis Presley knew just how much grease to put in his hair.
by Cap'n Bullmoose May 12, 2005
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another slang term for crystal meth. because of the greasy form it takes when you melt it down in a pipe, light bulb, whatever you use...
smoking grease, or, getting greasy (getting high on crystal) me and sarah got greasy as fuck last night im still spun
by James DuBeau March 03, 2005
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oily stuff most used for lubrication
frying chips with and the number one key to getting girls to be repulsed by your every movement (apart from bad BO) makes you want to physically hurl and cringe in fear as it emanates from someone or something just waiting to touch you and go 'bleerrrggghhhhh' while making you feel gross.
'omigosh i just silled on this pile of...*reads sign*...grease? huh...okay then'

'hey tina did you check out the geek with the glasses?'
'yeah i did michelle i bet his forehead is pitted with grease'
by danzarockz August 07, 2004
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To moisten tobacco leaf with saliva.
I'll grease the blunt, while you breakup the weed.
by PriddyPrice January 20, 2017
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To do very dirty, or wrong
Or, to slander someone.
This generally has a negative connotation.
Marcus: Yo you seen Lamar's busted ass sneakers? Mans probably got them from the fuckin goodwill
Nick: Nah bro why you gotta grease him like that
by armpitjuice May 20, 2020
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collective term used to describe a group of porto ricans.
i dont like going to the north end anymore. too much grease and it makes me nervous.
by dave4817 June 30, 2004
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