A compilation of sheets or blankets placed on the floor for sleeping on. Mainly used in the southern states.
My grandma always made us a pallet to sleep on when we came to visit.
by Tangelina March 4, 2007
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Best way to define this multi-use term is by looking at some everyday examples:

"You've been palletized!" (see: fucked, scammed, ripped-off and the like)

"Palletize this, bitch!" (expression commonly performed in public whilst grabbing one's crotch as a taunting or provoking remark to someone else)

"Dude, I'm so palletized right now..." (see: stoned, completely drunk, utterly screwed, etc)

"Did you hear, that poor boy was palletized by a gang of thugs the other night!" (see: raped, killed and/or pillaged)

"Resistance is futile. Prepare to be palletized." (see: prepare to be assimilated)

"I think we're all a little palletized right now, so we just need to chill out." (as in a heated situation or argument full of tension, anger, and/or emotional turbulence; see: anger management, stressing out)

"Man, you're seriously palletized!" (see: crazy, insane, utterly screwed, etc)

"Yessir, your bike will be fully palletized once loaded onto the trailer." (when shipping motorcycles; better, easier and cheaper than crating your bike!)

"Jesus was palletized to the cross." (see: crucifixion)

Need more examples? Here's some more:
"You are now officially palletized, my son." (see: circumcised, castrated and/or becoming initiated into a fraternity)

"Dammit, my computer got palletized again!" (see: computer freezing)

"Yeah, my mom had an accident: she fell down the stairs when she got home after being ran over by a bus on her way to the groceries. Now she's palletized at the hospital." (see: hospitalized or being sedated or under coma)

"INITIATE PALLETIZATION SEQUENCE." (robo-computer command to render target immobile or otherwise obliterated to smithereens)

"Oh yes, baby, palletize me harder!" (see: sexual intercourse, penetration, BDSM)

"All your pallets are belong to us. You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha ha ha." (popular line from the 1991 video game Zero Wing)

"Son, you are palletized for a week! Go to your room now and stay there!" (see: grounded, chastised)

"A man was palletized to death in Saudi Arabia." (see: stoning to death or similar form of execution and/or torture)

"My daughter is no longer a virgin. She's been palletized." (see: losing your virginity and/or getting pregnant)
by Unicorns R For Pussies September 7, 2013
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A structured sense of taste, providing a foundation for flavour; a combination of pallet and palate.
Man you've got a great pallete, I couldn't even taste the cardamom!
by Llamasauce December 19, 2018
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"Ah, her pallet was so good last night!"
by banter_crew November 5, 2014
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