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When a female uses a grape fruit to jack a male off while giving head. typically the male is blind folded and/or restrained.
MALE1: Dude my girl done some crazy shit last night
Male2: Like what?
Male1: She was grapefruiting me all night
by The great grapefruiter May 24, 2014
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The act of a male being orally stimulated well having a gape fruit with a hole in the center moved up and down on the shaft of the males penis.
Wife: hey honey i bought a grape fruit for tonight.
Man: well i guess i am getting Grape fruiting tonight.
by Matti W. January 14, 2016
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v., n.
When a female, during fellatio, takes the male's testicles into her mouth, allowing him to ejaculate in her hair.
Yeah, I gave that girl quite the grapefruiting.

She was grapefruiting me, and, well, I got flaccid.

She couldn't get it out of her hair for a week after that grapefruiting.
by Jesus June 18, 2004
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