probably the most kind hearted person you'll ever meet. she is AMAZINGLY beautiful and everybody loves her. she can be stubborn sometimes but its ok because she always makes up for her trouble. not only is she a goddess but she gets good grades, gets along with everyone that she meets and faces all of her challenges with optimism. she is great at anything she trys and is very sublime. if you know anyone named Giulia, you are one lucky duck. Giulia's are so lovable!
Alessia: man, i wish i looked like Giulia. i'm so jealous.

person sitting next to alessia: me too alessia.... me too.
by awesome03 August 30, 2011
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normally an Italian girl, who has a great personality and is extremely gorgeous but does not want to admit it. usually very polite and has a beautiful face, loves football(soccer) and prefers to keep her options open. is very patient and can pretend to be interested by all the compliments love struck losers give her. the center of my universe :P
boy: damn that ones a looker over there
man: yeah you can go sleep with her if you want to get clarissa, i'll stay with my love giulia because shes so pure
by jeebus of banana boat July 11, 2008
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A girl who is sooooooo fucking pretty and is so understanding it's crazy. She has a wild personality and is full of energy and ready for everything. I know this because I have a Giulia in my life, and I'm really glad I do because I dont know what I would do without her. Shes an amazing friend and ever since I sent that text on Instagram to her and saw one of her posts I immediately fell in love....
dude 1: omg that's Giulia

dude 2: yup

dude 1: imma go talk to her

dude 2: noooo shes mine
by M@ximus.da.weirdo October 1, 2020
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A friend who is named Giulia is the best you can get she is beautiful, nice loyal and very good looking which she dosen't even know. If she is your girlfriend you can bee very happie because she is an very good kissern and touchie what can be very funnie if you with her alone. She loves too eat more than some other girls but most she is en vegetarian so don't give her meet when you can get something sweet for her. So if you have a friend named Giulia you can be really happie about that
Girl1:Hey there is Giulia the girlfriend from the hottest guy in our school
Girl2: yes I won't to be a Giulia too
by The real opinions January 1, 2017
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A SERIOUS ANIME LOVER! A Giulia is a quiet, calm person. But when you get to know her she can be a funny, caring person and sticks to her friends. She doesn't have that many but has REAL friends that love her. She can be very dark and has no interest in sports, but she will brighten up your day (With dirty jokes)! (CAUTION: DO NOT TALK, OR EVEN LOOK AT HER WHEN SHES MAD!!!)
I LOVE Giulia!
by A cute little tootsie roll September 20, 2019
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The name Giulia is a youthful beautiful and it's an Italian name and unique
Giulia is a beautiful youthful girl or boy
by someone who's named Giulia November 25, 2018
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the Hottest Girl in the World... she's the light of my life really i don't know what i'd do without bf for life...she blows my mindl lol
Giulia looks to sexy in her duna-duna pants
by Gen February 23, 2003
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