Really unfunny jokes that hurt rape victims
NickFosterJokes whole “comedy career” is Rape jokes”
by WitchyLesbian July 21, 2020
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Him- makes a rape joke
Me- thats not funny and rape jokes aren’t cute
by Shizhead September 21, 2020
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a rape joke is when someone who hasn't been raped makes a joke about other rape survivors and it hurts them.
Nick said "Rape joke" , a rape survivor said "That wasn't funny and it made me feel really bad", Nick replied "Snowflake" " why don't you just take a joke" " its called dark humor"
by MarTgrass December 4, 2020
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Not funny,didn't laugh
Monke in not proud
Guy 1:*makes rake joke*
Girl 1:*murders him but has no charges because rape jokes aren't legal anywhere*
by OrdinaryPerson1 April 24, 2021
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when a person comes to tell a joke, says the first part, and then answers without the person showing any interest in the answer.

Dude 2: hi, what do you call a masturbating cow....BEEF STROKIN-OFF. *runs away*

Dude 3: dude..... you just got joke raped.
by jankygirll June 20, 2011
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