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A disgusting, greasy gorilla-like creature, with a large hooked beak for a nose. May be seen with or without pubic hair crudely sellotaped to the chin.

Male and female Gowdis are only distinguishable by the male's ability to lactate banana milkshake. Despite having fully functioning legs, a Gowdis main form of transportation is to roll towards it's destination. As they do not wish to expend energy, they exclusively roll downhill. Therefore Gowdis often accumulate at the bottom of hills, leading to a phenomenon dubbed "The Gowdi Effect" by researchers.

Young Gowdis are formed from the dregs of warm beer, orang-utan faeces and general squalor. Once fully formed, they generally reach an overall height of 3 feet high, and 9 feet about the waist.
"Yo, look at that obese Gowdi fucking itself with a mutton roll dude!"

"Ugh, you're such a Gowdi, you could open a can of beans with that nose"
by Gowdi Catcher December 02, 2011
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