Very charming, outgoing personality. Tough to figure out at first, however worth the effort in the long run.(usually a person)
by Katerina October 14, 2003
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a sexual position, the meaning of which is having sexual relations in the backseat of a car.There are many variations such as the yellow webby, or doing it on a school bus, the black webby or doing it in a limo, and the red webby doing it on a firetruck. The blue webby, or on a snowmobile There is also the hot crossed webby which is a threesome in a backseat
whats that sound? Oh two people are webbying in that car.
by jrfredrick January 16, 2011
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A fat man who often eat all the left overs, never moves only for food and cheats on his wife 9 times. He should never be trusted, and he's as big as the World Wide Web.
Friend 1: I saw webby last week.

Friend 2: I know my donuts missing a chunk and he's hard to miss.
by I tried my best today April 17, 2018
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A horrible umpire for baseball who has a strike zone six feet high and three feet wide. He will signal safe and call out, while yelling "Fair Ball!" He is almost always drunk before games, and, "Just wants to get out of here." He is hated by almost every player he has every umpired for.
"Dude did you see that call last night?"
No, I was too busy doing homework.
"Yeah, it was crazy. The ump totally blew it."
Sounds a lot like Webby.
"Nah, no one's that bad.
by falcons52 May 01, 2010
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Sneaky little critter that seems to always be around when carton fines are being paid, yet never seems to pay up on fines owed.
Mostly found in the south west region of West Australia, but has been known to dwell in inner Perth suburbs.
Mine sites the state around, have always had one species of the Webby or another.
These pests need to be eradicated to prevent them spreading and bringing this wonderful nation of ours into recession faster than Paul Keating saying " what do you mean we won??"
by higginsville March 29, 2009
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Adjective - Describes the amount of web development involved in creating an online application
This course selector app is really webby.
by Artdg May 09, 2010
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The skin between your fingers or toes.

1."Can you believe this shit? I got a fuckin paper cut on my webby."

2."You wish your webbies looked this good."
by Igothoez March 23, 2008
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