-Beer that is served the way it shouldn't (Cold).

Either one is disgusting and supposedly tastes bad going down.

See Cold One for the 2nd definition
Lolololol suzie sed she wus thirsty soo i gav her a w4rm beer!

Man, I got served a warm beer after work, that ain't right.
by Ranger Elite March 11, 2006
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A warm beer is when someone urinates profusely into another's mouth. This is usually done after a hot lunch.
To top off her hot lunch I had just given her, I washed it down with a warm beer.
by Sir Portman May 12, 2006
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n. Phenomenon resulting from a lack of proper container protection. Often occurs more rapidly in tropical climates. Remedies include yeti koosies and cold freezers.
by Amers0993 December 3, 2016
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This act takes place when a woman is deficated on by her partner between her breast. Then man then tittie fucks her and urinates on her chest and face.
A man walks up and drops a stink pickle on his old lady.. then rubs it in with his mangina while urinatin on his old lady face... also references to Bill Clinton.. Chili dog and a warm beer.. what will they think of next
by Mr Bachelor November 2, 2007
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