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In British slang it means a bit deaf.
Fella1: Why don't you listen to what I'm saying?
Fella2: Eh?
Fella1: I think you're getting a bit mutton
by manoz April 21, 2009
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A square-shaped button commonly found in men's clothing. A mutton can be found mainly in men's shirts, but can also be found on women's blouses, men's boxers, and other types of clothing.
While walking down the street, I spotted a shirt with exactly ten muttons going straight down.
by ChrisElMiamense November 22, 2011
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To molest young impressionable teenage girls in the back seat of a Skyline
The date was going well until Fast Eddy muttoned me.
by Fast Eddy April 29, 2004
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A name for old far left leaning Anti-British "Sheeple". Muttons are easily identifiable by their constant virtue signalling on social media, trying to stay relevant to Millennial "Woke" culture.
Someone must have an opinion of their own, the Muttons are out in force on Facebook today.
Brexit IS happening, the Muttons won't be happy.
Why do so many Muttons deny Israel's right to exist?
by Max Strykehard September 07, 2018
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