In British slang it means a bit deaf.
Fella1: Why don't you listen to what I'm saying?
Fella2: Eh?
Fella1: I think you're getting a bit mutton
by manoz April 21, 2009
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A square-shaped button commonly found in men's clothing. A mutton can be found mainly in men's shirts, but can also be found on women's blouses, men's boxers, and other types of clothing.
While walking down the street, I spotted a shirt with exactly ten muttons going straight down.
by ChrisElMiamense November 22, 2011
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To molest young impressionable teenage girls in the back seat of a Skyline
The date was going well until Fast Eddy muttoned me.
by Fast Eddy April 29, 2004
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A rebel against the groupthink, someone who rebels against the conformist values of society and thinks for themselves. The antithesis of sheeple.
-He certainly was a little *different*.
-But it's cool, he's a real muttoneer.
by Markoff Chaney May 03, 2005
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For a Man to show or flaunt his bright white upper thighs.
You see that guy muttoning over there? It looks like a fluorscent light up to his belt.
by M54kings June 23, 2009
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Joe: Check out that guy's sideburns!
Bennett: Those chops are straight up muttonous!
by benny illsman March 29, 2005
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