A spin-off of the punk genre founded in Britain in the late 70's. It was popularized in the 80's for a brief time before settling back in the underground. The American sister-genre of Goth Rock is called Deathrock.

As a person, a Goth is an avid listener of Goth rock and its associated genres (deathrock, batcave, darkwave, post-punk)

False ideas about Goth:
"Goths are such because they like the darker side of things."
"Goth is about individuality."
"Marilyn Manson is Goth."
"Goth is about wearing all black."
"Goth is about expressing yourself."
"Goth is about worshiping Satan."
"Goth is about metal."
"Bands like Slipknot, Flyleaf, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Evanescence etc. are Goth."

GOTH/DEATHROCK BANDS (a brief listing)
.45 Grave
13th Chime
Acid Bats
All Gone Dead
Christian Death
Cinema Strange
Corpus Delicti
the Cure
Darlings' Cabinet of Sundry Horror
Eat Your Make-Up
the Horrors
Kommunity FK
*early* London After Midnight
the Naked and the Dead
Peter Murphy
Red Lipstick Death
Red Lorrry Yellow Lorry
Scarlet's Remains
Screams for Tina
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Siouxsie Sioux
Sisters of Mercy
Southern Death Cult
Theatre of Ice (yes, Theatre)
Tragic Black
Undying Legacy
Voodoo Church
Zombie Zex
person 1: "I listen to Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy!!! I'm Goth!!"

person 2: "No, you're a fag. Nightwish is Goth!!"

Person 2 is in the wrong.
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A goth is a person who finds happiness in darkness. They are usually misenthropic due to the fact that they have storng opinions and dislikes. Goths may be cutters because thier emotions get the best of them. Music can be a minor or a major factor of thier life styles. Goths can become posers over time because as they mature they might lose parts of themselves. The normal clothing of a goth usually are dark along with daker shades of makeup. Goths are people who have chosen to be different for reasons known and unknown.
person 1: goths always have piercings.
person 2: how stereotypical of you.
by bluelion135 July 04, 2009
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To many people, Goths are : unhappy people, wanting to kill themselves, and listen to ' goth ' music..

But to me they are : Happy people trying to have fun, not wanting to kill themselves and listen to GOOD music.

<3 Goths <3
Omg look at that goth! he is unhappy and wants to kill himself! he loves Satan!! - Normal Person

That Goths cool ;) <3 much love <3 - Normal'er person :P
by <3 Goths <3 September 12, 2007
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A movement that arose from the death of Punk in the 1980's and embraces creativity, individuality, and exploring the more morbid side of things.

Goth has been totally eclipsed by emo these days and the two are, atrociously, often confused, though they are nothing alike: goths are somber and intelligent with a flair for the artistic, while emos are skinny-ass teenagers who do nothing but bitch about their lives.
"That girl is SOOOOOOOO emo."

"You fuckhead, she's a goth!"
by Schada October 20, 2007
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A goth person can be many things.

Most goths tend to be thoughtful and interesting. They tend to define themselves as different with no interest in the mainstream, and also enjoy the heavier side of music.

Many of the so called "goths" in here have polluted this site with their slanted views and thoughts.

They believe that people who listen to Nu Metal are posers. This is untrue.

The fact that they scream "faggoth" at people who enjoy their own types of music are more poser-like than the accused.

Goth is more of a state of mind, a state of thought. Goths will support what they want to support, and listen what they want to listen to. Their values go deeper than those of people in the mainstream, and they generally are very sociable.

True goths have their own taste and way of life. The so called "true goths" bash them because they enjoy music that they dont like.

There is really no such thing as a goth poser. All poser images are based on opinion only, and are very biased.

There are many types of goths, with many different outlooks on life. Some are depressed, some are happy, but most are very cerebral and deep people.

Goths enjoy heavy music in general, such as death or black metal. Some lighter genres are permitted, and should even be celebrated, because they have their own taste.

Goths should never shape their taste to the mainstream just because other people do, and they are the ones who are true posers. You will be able to spot them very quickly.

Some goths may support gay rights, some may not, but among the goth circles, opinions are welcomed. The point of being goth is having indiviuality.
I enjoy the soft music of A Perfect Circle, and I also enjoy the rough death metal of Cannibal Corpse.

Poser goth: Dude, you like Slipknot!?!? youre a fucking poser!!!
by Yung Walrus February 11, 2009
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A person who is themselves,so what if they wear darker clothing,and some,not all are depressed.they are people.they usually like different music/art then others,and are usually very funny and nice.
Look around,you'll find some.
by jordan January 31, 2004
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goth is a subculture that grew out of the punk culture in the 80s.

i will agree with non-goths in that most goths are very evasive when it comes to defining the term "goth." i will also agree with them in that "goths" who simply whine and make fun of non-"goths" are pricks. most "goths" don't really know what it means to be goth.

the gothic period (late 1700s-1800s) was a period of the "sublime." rather than look for skin deep beauty in something, the gothics would look for intellectual or moral value. for example, they would prefer a battered old castle staircase to a sparkling new marble staircase because the old one has more character.

the TRUE goths of today are named this way because they follow this thought pattern of looking for the thought-provoking instead of the aesthetic. why revel in the darker side of life? "sinister" things (i.e., death, fate) provide more food for thought than pretty things (i.e., blue skies, love).

thinking in this rather morbid way usually results in the true goth being rather satirical. SOMETIMES they may be withdrawn and maybe a little snide, but this is because knowledge is a burden.

the pseudo-goth (the one everyone thinks of when they hear "goth"; bear in mind, i do NOT consider these people goth) is some middle school douche who shops at hot topic and listens to music in the gothic genre (i.e., bauhaus) whether or not they actually like the music. they are quick to judge people and make fun of them every chance they get.

then theres the TRUE goth (like me). we think in the manner of the people of the aforementioned gothic period. some of us are "artsy" simply because we can express our knowledge so freely in it. we don't *neccessarily* shop at hot topic (though they have some cool shirts) and we don't *neccessarily* listen to goth music/death metal (i like pink floyd & queen). we are intellectuals.

most of us are pretty nice. many goths are outcasts in some perspective, so they are often receptive to people who need a friend.
fake goth (aka valley girl goth): like, oh my goth, gag me with a crucifix! i got this bauhaus shirt because ellen and julia and megan and paula have it! i'm so individual! i wish i knew what bauhaus was...

real goth (like me): ...style doesn't make a goth; your thought process is most important
by unusu-al October 03, 2004
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