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describes the control, maintainence, and design of any process. an instrument (in context) is defined as any device that can send, receive, or change a signal (electric, pneumatic, etc.) to, from, or for another device. instrumentation is a noun, it is used to mean the scientific practice of automation or the infinite set of devices called instruments. common instrumentation is/are valves, thermometers, pressure indicators (barometer), actuators, wrenches, anything with any precision and/or accuracy. instrumentation is also the practice of calibration, control, design, electric hookup, programming, and even pipe fitting.
sue: "hey, John, look at that expensive instrumentation."
john: "i'm so turned on right now."


boss: "you have a degree in instrumentation, I need you to design the calibration parameters for that transmitter."
by strider2112 March 11, 2009
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