Italy in Italian.

It's a nice country plagued by many problems - economical, social, cultural. Ruined by Berlusconi's trashy TV since the 80s and by submission to the Vatican powers and the Catholic taboos.

Many foreigners think they know a lot about Italy, but they just rely on old and hollow stereotypes. Italy is a complex reality: for example, you can't compare Milan to Rome or Naples. A person from Milan generally finds people from the South too intrusive, while the Southerns finds people from the North too cold. Their attitude to life is different. North is quite wealthy, South is poor.

Accents differ much. In the mountain region called Alto Adige German is also spoken.

Myths to be disproved:

- mafia and camorra are only in the South. For most of Italians, they exist only in the news. Italians are not violent
- Italians are not so generous, in fact they are individualistic people (which is a problem, since they don't care about the public thing and make their country go to ruin)
- you won't find in the restaurants spaghetti with meatballs, pizza with pineapple, "fettuccine Alfredo" or "olive garden", these are Italo-american specialties
- Italians do work: office hours are 9 to 6. Children go to school also on Saturday, making it possible to have longer summer holidays
- Berlusconi is a criminal, a liar and a pig and does NOT really represent the majority of Italians. Many are ashamed of him and his governement
Povera Italia!
by downinthepark June 20, 2009
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Italia gotta nice body and is not afraid to speak her mind if she shuts you out its like your dying she's gorgeous and can get really frisky when she means to and she does everything for a reason bad or good. Shes very sexual but never opens her legs to just anybody. Shes talented, gifted, smart and a real treasure to have. Italia is a succesful and independent woman. Put a ring on that finger because thats your future wife.
Damn did you see Italia today? God damn shes sexy over here lookin like a full course meal.
by Itsyourmum January 18, 2017
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Italia gotta big booty and is not afraid to speak her mind if she shuts you out its like your dying she's gorgeous and can get really frisky when she means to and she does everything for a reason bad or good.
Damn did you see Italia today she lookin like a full course meal.
by Italy3 November 26, 2016
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Italia an Very powerful woman,someone who gets what they want no matter how hard the have to try to get it. She will never let you down. Nice and Caring person,Never cares about what other people think of her (or family) even if it may hurt a little. Says whats on her mind,may yell but she still loves you. She is a person and not just some toy to throw around. Never get on her bad side or you'll stay there for a LONG time. She can always be defined with more than ONE word.
Italia is such a brave soul but,cant argue with her or she will always win.
by LeahLuvFam October 19, 2018
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She is amazing, she is very caring and sweet, she does get snappy sometimes but that’s okay because it makes you laugh. She has a good sense of humor- she not as mean as people make her out to be, she is very gorgeous. She may not think it but she is, she’ll help you through times high and low, if you ever meet and italia hold on to her for dear life and stick around, good things will happen
Italia: hey guys how are you?
Me: good, omg your so pretty
Italia: nah I look like a rat
Me: not true!
by Ddillybarbaby July 1, 2020
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The proper way to say "Italy" in Italian. American born Italians call it that because they're proud of their 20% of Italian blood but they don't speak Italian and want to feel important because the American soccer team sucks balls. Full blood Italians, however, can say it but it get's annoying. Just call it Italy.
Pete: Long live Italia! FORZA ITALIA!

Dave: Dude you're just as German as you are Italian

Pete: I'm proud to be Italian dude

Dave: Just because they won the world cup?

Pete: No, my pride goes way back

Dave: Do you speak Italian?

Pete: No....

Dave: Shut the fuck up then... and your last name is Smith

Pete: You just don't understand my pride.

Dave: Asshat.
by davless August 24, 2006
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Usually dates people named Max. Is nice to everyone and likes chocolate milk.
Look at Italia, she is giving her chocolate milk to Max.
by Nh3262007 November 21, 2019
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