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Amy Lee is the maiden name of Amy Hartzler (full name: Amy Lynn Lee Hartzler), the main vocal singer and also the only original member of the rock band Evanescence. She is a very close to what a singer should be: original, natural but charming beautiful while remain uninvolved when it comes to scandal sexy images, and lastly, modesty. Her long dark hair is very rare to be found in her time (early 21st century), and also her voice and genre of music. She is probably the best amateur female singer of her time (she didn't get any vocally training, so she is an amateur). and is highly appreciated for what she has done in life. She has taken the death of her 3-years-old sister named Bonnie and create songs and lyrics based on the painful event to heal herself up and also to heal anyone who get into the same situation. She doesn't follow the style of popular (pop) singers at her time and in fact she hates those kinds of pop singers (Britney Spears for instance), which is easily seen in some interviews with her. Instead of joining the style that many hip-hop and pop singers (copycats that produce meaningless commercial songs, as criticized in many times), Amy Lee with her band separated themself from them by putting great amount of meaningful senses in their songs. The feelings, the depressions or all kind of negative feelings, she shows everyone who listens to their songs that they are not alone when facing such emotions. Lastly, caring of all epilepsy patient (who met the same fate with her brother, Robbie) she voluntarily became American Chairperson for Out of the Shadows, an international foundation with the goal of educating others about epilepsy, and since then she had met with epilepsy patients several times during her tours, to share the pain with them. All in all, not without flaws (amateur vocal skills) but a classic, original singer Amy Hartzler truely is. Among many self-claimed singers nowaday, she shines like a gem (if not a diamond) between a field of rock.
Lyrics related to her dead sister can be found in 2 songs: Hello (Fallen) and Like You (The Open Door).
The website of Out of the shadows campaign can be found here:
Amy lee completely convinced me everytime i got to criticize her.
by Sentinel- October 14, 2007
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The amazingly talented lead singer of Evanescence, she has a truly beautiful voice, and plays the piano. She's a nice person, and refuses to use her sexuality to boost her audience/money, like most other stars.
Amy Lee is my idol!! :D
by Moonluvva June 17, 2010
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A down to earth, beautiful, smart woman, who has true talent. Her voice is like an angel, very pure and haunting, great ear candy. Her lyrics have deep meaning, and not some preppy shit, but things that people feel or face in life. Her hair is gorgeous, her eyes are just divine, and she is not some blonde airhead, but someone with a great sense of style and that girls can look up to. Anyone who hates her shall suffer from my wrath, because Amy Lee is THE BEST!!!!
Amy lee just finished singing.

Random Person: Amy lee sucks! SHe is fa-

his funeral followed the next day >:D

Peace out!

xXxI'm not OkayxXx
by xXxI'm not OkayxXx November 24, 2006
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Lead singer of the band evanescence that began in 2000, though only really got big in 2002-3.

Their Ablums to date are:
-Evanescence EP
-Whisper EP
-Origin (2000)
-Fallen (2002)

Their works include:
-bring me to life
-going under
-my immortal
-everybody's fool
-breathe no more

She also did a duet with her ex, the lead singer of seether.

They are usually classed as rock, but sometimes as obscure genres e.g. 'new-age-goth-pop'.
"Man, evanescence are very cool. Amy Lee is fine."
by Goffboy's Dictionary on Life January 13, 2006
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A beautiful talented goddess and lead voclaist for the band evanescence. Amy Lee started making music in 1995 with ex co founder ben moody a insane bastard who obviously abused her, and she and the band gained fame in 2003 for songs bring me to life and my immortal, but followed but in 2006 with the amazing album the open door giving pure uniquness from their first album fallen with songs like lithium and good enough. She has powerful vocals to match deep and true lyrics, plus is a amazing role model refusing to strip for the cameras and telling the world that we all need to love ourselves. also is stated my many fans to be calm sweet and down to earth. She and the rest of evanescence arae currently working on a third studio album slated for realease in summer of 010 hopefully.
I walked past a man on the street who said "AMY LEE sucks"

I then proceeded to push him into a giant blender and press blend saying who sucks now bitch
by fallenpug November 14, 2009
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The Frontwoman and Vocalist of the best band in this rockin world: Evanescence. She sometimes plays the piano too! Amy Lee's voice sounds like an angel, but even better. Her lyrics and music together fit perfectly. She's an awesome example of the most perfect idol. And she rocks!
Amy Lee rocks this freakin world!
by villevalo2 June 08, 2006
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A woman who is a member of the band Evanescence.
Amy Lee has the most powerful female voice on Earth and you can hear the full blast power in songs like 'Taking Over Me' or 'Tourniquet' and 'My Last Breath'
In other songs, you can hear the softer notes she reaches such as in 'My Immortal'.
Evanescence's most famous song is 'Bring Me To Life'. There is even a version with Linkin Park in the background.
She has been greatly praised for her dress sense and the way she tries to avoid sex appeal.
She's not amazingly pretty, but that's what makes her so original, natural and pure. Her voice is like an angel's.

To see just how beautiful her voice is, compare it to 'Unfaithful' by Rihanna.

Similar bands include: Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Epica, Elis, Xandria
'Everbody's Fool' is Evanescence's most amazing song
'Before The Dawn' is the song with the most emotion in it and can make you cry because Amy Lee's voice sounds magical here.

by piratescaribbean111 May 28, 2008
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