going subatomic a person is about to snap and get brutally violent
hey guys i think mitch is about to go subatomic
by El chappo September 23, 2015
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A word used in rare situations to make a person sound smart when said to an uneducated person. But it's a very risky word to use and can do the exact opposite if you're talking to someone who's actually got a brain.
Bob: The subatomical particles in this hamburger is astounding! I went to UC Harvard, so I'd know about these things.
Billy: *confused* ...yea, cool.
Henry: Bob, you're a fucking idiot.
by Rive N. eviR April 18, 2006
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The Theory of Subatomic Elves states that the nucleus of an atoms consists of tiny elves who move around different particles inside the atoms and interact with other atoms and their respective subatomic elves.

The theory was created in order to help people's understanding of complex chemistry.
Man, we learned about the Theory of Subatomic Elves today, chemistry makes so much more sense now!

The only reason those two elements chemically reacted with each other was because the subatomic elves were at work.
by GrenadineGang November 30, 2010
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A machine specially a computer that completes tasks while being no bigger than a cell in size.
subatomic computers are not quantum computers, it is the size differences in which they perform.
by 1m1m0 September 23, 2022
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We’re you have no pp and you can not get pass the cap ( crusty ass pussy)
“Wow Parker has a subatomic dick
No way actually lol
by Johnwilksbooth November 5, 2020
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