The three words said by a Democrat when something they don't like happens or when someone needs to blamed for something..
Jen Psaki: The biden laptop is a Russian hoax.
The Russians interfered in the election.
Russian hackers.
NATO was just minding its own business. Russia declared war on Ukraine.

Donald Trump: That's all it is with you people. Russia this. Russia that. It's just Russia Russia Russia.
by 1Head April 29, 2022
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A City in ohio
Person 1, idk what names:I'm going to russia
Person 2: they speak an entire different language
Person 1:the city in ohio
Person 2:wtf
by Reymcgowan February 22, 2021
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a country filled with slaves including the Slav boss Putin
secretary: Hey trump, its the Russians they're invading!!!
secretary: that's impossible!!!!
(soviet union notional anthem plays sonic loud)
by STALIN FOREVER February 26, 2019
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A place where the only currency is vodka. Also, they apparently love Trump.
Trump: Hello, homeland!
Russian: Would you like some vodka? How about shot glass for vodka?
Trump: No thanks, I don't drink.
Russian: You dirty American swine! Is our vodka not good enough for you? I kill you!
by Colonel Mustache December 5, 2017
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1) Largest nation in land area, has a population 140 million, steadily declining since collapse of USSR
2) Capital Moscow is Europe's largest city with 13 million people, frequently ranks as 2nd most expensive city after Tokyo
3) Is mostly a democracy on paper only
4) US dollars and Euros are used just as much as rubles
5) Owner of the world's largest stockpile of tactical and strategic nuclear weapons
6) Has a very safe and successful space program
7) Struggles to maintain a vast military, while dealing with domestic terrorism daily
8) Has a thouroughly obscene obsession with German sedans
9) Average worker makes only $200 a month
10) Is incredibly beautiful in the winter
When in Moscow, watch out for the government (and not-so-government) luxobarges that like to drive on the opposite side of the road at triple digit speeds. Sphincter clenchingly terrifying, and makes Russian roulette look like a kindergarten game.
by Hans Blix August 28, 2005
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