1.rage against the machines second album
2. the usa where people dont know that theyre rights are being stolen from them and the govement monitors all of our activities. If our goverment made a profit off of killing americans, they would kill us all
1.rages new album is insane esp that song bulls on parade
2.America???the country where a monkey can fly a space shuttle yet george bush screws the country over?
by jeff July 26, 2004
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1)the new york yankees
2)the detroit red wings
3)wal mart
1)fuck the yanks! go red sox and pirates!
2)fuck the wings! go predators and penguins!
3)fuck wal mart! go to k mart!
4)fuck microsoft! buy a mac!
by ItsAllBeenDone April 30, 2004
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An improv/sketch comedy group in the SF Bay Area.
Evil Empire Comedy is dangerous to your health
by Rocky79 May 26, 2006
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