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The U.S. Military's standard issue assault rife, fires 5.56x45mm ammo. Developed to replace the M-14 Rifle that fired larger heavyer 7.62x51mm round. The original M-16 was first issued in Vietnam in 1965 and was prone to jamming because of the gunpowder used in the bullets, the fact that no cleaning kits were issued at first, also the soldiers using them were told it was so "space age" that it didn't need to be cleaned. It was also the first assault rifle issued en-masse to use plastic/fiberglass parts.
Soldier 2: HOLD THEM OFF!
Soldier 1: WITH WHAT?!
Soldier 2: USE YOUR M-16!
Soldier 1: OH FUCK, ITS JAMMED!!!
by Burkus November 28, 2008
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The U.S. Armys standard carbine, fires 5.56mm NATO round, shares 75-80% of the parts used in the M-16. For some reason ten year olds think they are qualifyed to operate and clean one because they use it in video games, and they read the wikipedia page on it.
If you look at most stock footage of the war on terror it will have an M4 in view.
by Burkus December 6, 2008
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If it exists, there is or will be porn of it... also responible for creating pedophiles
Ten year old:*(Google) Rule 34*
Ten year old: OH MY GOD!!!
by Burkus November 2, 2008
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Supposedly the most advanced gameing system to date, overhyped, overpriced ($599 US), currently costs $399 USD but is still $100 more expencive than an Xbox 360. Has hardly any GOOD exclucive games. Also is the cheapest Blu-ray player out there and cooks a mean steak (Because it looks like a fucking George Forman grill!).
The worst selling console this generation.
Gamer 1: Dude, wanna play Resistance 2 on Playstation 3?
Gamer 2: No way, I'll stick with my Xbox 360...
Gamer 1: Microsoft fanboy!
Gamer 2: Graphics whore!
Gamer 1: 360 sucks!
Gamer 2: Have fun with your overpriced George Forman Grill!
Gamer 1: Fuck you!
by Burkus November 23, 2008
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A word used to describe a person who is new to playing the game
supa1337killakapakopp Teamkills xXphiregodXx
by Burkus October 29, 2008
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Definition: A corrupted version of the word "owned". Due to the fact that the "P" and "O" keys on a standard QWERTY keyboard are so close together it can be easy to miss the "O" key and accidentally hit the "P" key. The word itself means to exel at the game or kill someone in a game.

Gamer 1: *Hides behind a wall*
Gamer 1: He'll never get me here.
Gamer 2: *Throws grenade over wall and it lands beside GAMER 1*
Gamer 1: OH SHIT!!!
*Grenade explodes*
Gamer 2: Pwned Noob!
by Burkus December 28, 2009
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The iphone by apple. A phone that makes you feel like Jesus. In fact Jesus probably has one himself.
by Burkus December 13, 2008
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