An "informal" version of the word ganked; to get destroyed when you have the least bit of an advantage, often due to being over powered by a squad of assholes; frequently used by people who play too much Dark Souls and are fucking annoying
"YAAAAAAA JUST MADE YOU MY BITCH, YOU'RE ASS JUST GOT GONKED by all 3 of us! YOU SUCK n0o0o0b and stand NO chance! Can't wait to put this on youtube!!!!!"
by gyaradocious September 5, 2019
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V. The act of hitting someone and making them pass out.
Did you see how Tyler gonked Cody at the parking lot??
by Mliv July 4, 2020
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An informal way of saying you will be getting severely fucked up or drunk at a gathering
Damn, bruh, I'm finna get gonked tonight at Daniel's base!
by Melbournebitchass August 22, 2016
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A beautiful song composed by Herbert Chappel that is originally from the movie "Dawn of the Dead" and is also now used in the "New Castle Ale" commercials.
duh dum dah dum da duh da dum da dum da dadadadadadum de dum the gonk
by adambenner September 30, 2013
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A person who is very intoxicated (drunk) and acts in a foolish way, losing control of ones faculties and behaviour. A term used by doormen in Waterford, Ireland.
'Gonk of the night'
'Look at the state of that Gonk'
'This Gonk isn't going in'
by Rosscahill2036 February 19, 2018
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A person who is stupid. A general insult.
"Oh, you gonk"!
by Luke July 12, 2003
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